Be A Contributor

MSeMagCoverOct16Thanks for showing interest in contributing to the MarketSmartly magazine.  Below is an outline of what we are looking for. If you feel it’s a great fit for you, please complete the form by clicking the button below.


  • SME’s & Marketers in Australia & New Zealand (and beyond)
  • Organisations whose objective is to assist SME’s to grow their business
  • Starting list 20,000+
  • Exposure via Google & Apple Stores


  • Research shows SME’s understand marketing is important, they just don’t know which strategies to use or how to use them
  • Marketing is changing so rapidly and is so diverse it is difficult for SME’s to keep up
  • There are very few resources that teach a range of marketing strategies, step-by-step delivered in a convenient easy to consume package that is affordable


  • A jargon free, practical and actionable magazine aimed at giving granular step-by-step action classes
  • Real case studies from businesses people can relate to
  • An experts session on ‘Why and how’ to do an aspect of marketing
  • Delivered in an interactive monthly magazine
  • AUD$2.95 / month


  • Feature Article
  • 2 case studies
  • 1 experts spot
  • Apps Splat
  • Action Class
  • Ask A Marketer Q&A
  • Brain Snaps – Ideas to try
  • Industry Focus – Recommendations for different industries
  • What’s On
  • Marketing Update… See About for more information on the content

What’s in it for you?

Glad you asked… Firstly we have aligned ourselves with some influential business organisations who are supporting the magazine and promoting it to their vast SME audience. The launch list is well over 20,000 not including social channels. So the benefits to you include:

  • Exposure to a large SME audience who will get to know and trust you through your contribution
  • Introductions to any of our partners or other contributors if requested
  • Credibility by being seen alongside the other contributors in the magazine
  • A reward in the form of an ongoing commission
  • The knowledge that you are helping more SME’s than you already have.

Article Guidelines

  • All articles are to be actionable – that means the reader should be able to go away and implement something after reading the article.
  • No self promotion – you will attract followers by giving them really useful, practical information. We will include links to your top 3 social channels and your website at the end of the article.
  • Articles should be jargon free. If you use jargon, please explain what it means in layman’s terms so non-marketers can understand it easily.
  • Articles should be up to 1000 words maximum – we reserve the right to edit if required.
  • Articles must be exclusive content for the magazine – that is, not published any where else.
  • You may use video demonstrations – keep them under 3 minutes and please provide the embed code to us.

You agree:

  • To provide exclusive content to this magazine; Note your lead magnet can be an existing piece of content;
  • to co-promote the magazine via your social channels at least 4 times within the month using the #marketsmartly and tagging @marketsmartly. And to pay a fee of $150+GST if you do not meet this aspect of the agreement;
  • that the publisher is able to promote the content via social and other marketing channels.  This magazine will be distributed online (but not limited to digital) by partners and the publisher and all contributors;
  • to release the publisher for any claims against the content and you take full responsibility for providing current and accurate information at time of publishing;
  • to the publisher editing content to make it easily understood if required. You will have the option to approve any changes made for the purposes of accuracy;
  • to provide all elements on or before the given deadline;
  • You understand the content will be published via a secure website which requires subscribers to log in, Google & Apple Stores and potentially other platforms as the publisher sees fit.