Robyn Simpson: Editor of MarketSmartly MagazineHi! I’m Robyn Simpson, founder of Consult Me Group and Editor or the all new MarketSmartly digital magazine.

In my 20 years in marketing I’ve developed an insatiable appetite for keeping up to date with the rapidly evolving marketing world, and after doing a lot of research with Consultants and marketers in general, I realised one of the biggest problems people have is keeping up to date and knowing how to use the new apps and platforms that are available to marketers today.  This lead me to create the MarketSmartly magazine specifically for Marketers and Marketing enthusiasts.

Research shows that small business owners and marketers struggle with limited time and resources. The objective of the magazine is to help you keep on top, show you how to use different marketing strategies and tools, and how you can apply them to your business.

Designed to be easy to digest and implement immediately, we hope the magazine becomes your go to resource for all the marketing insights you need.

We want to answer your questions, so please use the ‘Ask A Marketer‘ section and we’ll have our professionals answer your questions.

The four things that make us different:

1. Local – Australian interviews and examples that work here.
2. Actionable – Learn and implement straight away.
3. Practical – Great ideas and insights that suit a myriad of businesses.
4.  Current – Forget all the eNewsletter subscriptions – we’ll keep you up to date in one convenient place with what really matters.

Take A Glimpse Inside The Magazine

Every month we’ll bring you…

  1. A key feature article on a hot marketing topic with actionable ideas and a bonus guide or video lesson.
  2. Ask A Marketer – Questions from real business people answered by professional marketers.
  3. On the Spot interviews with people who are in the marketing trenches every day who are willing to share what works and what doesn’t, plus their actionable tips.
  4. Action Class: A ‘How to’ lesson on a marketing strategy, tactic or tool to help you get momentum.
  5. Brainey Snaps:  Brainstormed ideas across a range of industries each month that you can swipe and implement immediately.
  6. App Splat – 4-5 apps or tools you will find helpful to either save time or money while marketing your business…
    And much, much more…